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Nancy Cable is the owner of Welcomemat Services Mid-DFW – New Mover Marketing. Her business reaches new families the first month they move into the area with a direct mail campaign gift certificate from a local business, data report, thank you card and a loyalty app – Punch Points – to keep them coming back to your business.

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As the New Year approaches, what is your strategy for staying on top of marketing trends in 2017? The best way to stay informed is to constantly be learning. Keep reading. Keep watching. Keep looking for what’s next. One of the best ways to keep learning is to set aside time each day or at least once a week to read about what others are doing in the marketing world. Here are some reading suggestions to make sure 2017 is your most profitable yet!


HubSpot specializes in products for marketing, sales and customer relationship management, and they have two separate blogs to follow related to marketing and sales.

Marketing Profs

This is a blog for marketers of any kind. They offer real-world education for modern marketers through training, best practices, research and other content, and they are an industry leader in B2B marketing events.

Content Marketing Institute

Curious about what content marketing is and how it can impact your business? Content Marketing Institute provides great content showing the differences between content marketing, branded content, native advertising and sponsored content.

Business Insider

Business Insider publishes information on what’s making news in a variety of sectors each day. One of their niche content areas is related to Small Business.


A Social Media industry leader, Hootsuite’s blog specializes in Social Media trends and strategy.

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