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The Grapevine Chamber of Commerce is not a PAC (Political Action Committee), but the organization uses its relationship with local, regional, state and national elected officials to inform the business investors on issues that impact their operations and bottom line daily.

Working with other area leaders and organizations, the goal for the staff
and Board of the Grapevine Chamber is to provide relevant updates and
notifications on current legislation or actions of our elected officials
so that our businesses can let their voices be heard as a part of the process, rather than mere observers.


The Texas Legislature reconvenes January 2021 for its 87th Regular Session. The session will last for 140 days in accordance with the Texas Constitution, which calls for a citizen legislature to meet every odd-numbered year, pass a budget and then go home to live under the laws they pass.

The Board and Legislative Action Council is currently working to create our Legislative Priorities for the 87th Session we understand that the current COVID-19 issues will cause a limited focus on the State’s Budget, COVID response and redistricting.  Due to the challenges to be met, we have surveyed the membership and will only focus on the top four to five goals.  This will be approved by the Board and provided to our Legislators by October 1, 2020.

Below are resources to help you follow all the action at the State Capitol this session.

Keep Up With The Legislature
Texas Legislature Online
Texas Senate Online
E-mail notification
Bill Flowchart

Key Legislative Terms to Know
Interested in familiarizing yourself with legislative lexicon? Learn about terms such as omnibus, caucus, Germaine and many more by following along with this glossary of terms.


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