History of Grapevine

Grapevine is the oldest settlement in Tarrant County, originating under the Lone Star flag in 1844, a year before Texas became a part of the United States.

In October, 1844, General Sam Houston and fellow Republic of Texas Commissioners camped at Tah-Wah-Karro Creek, also known as Grape Vine Springs, to meet with leaders of ten Indian nations. This historic meeting culminated in the signing of a treaty of “peace, friendship and commerce,” which opened the area for settlement by homesteaders and pioneers. The settlement was named Grapevine because of its location on the Grape Vine Prairie near Grape Vine Springs, both of which were named for the tart, wild Mustang grapes that blanketed the area.

“Millions of stories are gone forever, but it is not too late to capture what remains…” Mayor William D. Tate, February 11, 2002

Following the signing of the treaty, settlement began in the area that would become the city of Grapevine. Growth during the 19th century was modest but steady. By 1890, the town had about 800 residents, along with amenities more common in larger cities such as a newspaper, a public school, several cotton gins, a post office and a railroad depot. Steady growth continued early in the 20th century and, on January 12, 1914, after the area had been known by several other names, the post office changed the town name to the one-word title Grapevine.

Today, the City of Grapevine remains deeply committed to the preservation and faithful stewardship of its historic resources. The city even established a non-profit organization devoted to historic preservation advocacy called the Grapevine Heritage Foundation. This membership organization provides historic preservation advocacy, education and outreach to thousands of school children and visitors who explore the city each year.

The spirit of Grapevine is alive and well thanks to the volunteer efforts of our community including the Grapevine Heritage Foundation and other local organizations. Two annual major downtown festivals — Main Street Days and GrapeFest provide funding for revitalization and new projects which preserve and celebrate the rich history of Grapevine for generations to come.

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