Community Awards

Each year the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce takes time to honor deserving individuals from the community and from the Chamber’s membership at its Annual Community Awards Banquet.

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D. E. Box Citizen of the Year 

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The D.E. Box Citizen of the Year is an individual who has voluntarily and sincerely given of their time and leadership through an overall community development program—working together to improve the economic, civic, and cultural well-being of the Grapevine area.

2022- Dr. Robin Ryan

2022 Nominees: LuAnn Chapman Gatts, Dr. Robin Ryan, Paul Slechta, Becky St. John
Prior Winners:
2021- Steve Brown, 2020 – Gayle Hall, 2019 – Kevin McNamara, 2018 – Bruno Rumbelow, 2017 – Darlene Freed, 2016 – Shonda Schaefer, 2015 – Debi Meek, 2014 – Janice Kane, 2013 – Gary & Cynthia Blankenship, 2012 – Rocky Gribble, 2011 – Neva Frymire, 2010 – Burl Gilliam, 2009-Duff O’Dell, 2008/09-Sandra Kay Tate, 2008-Joe & Balla Wright, 2007-Rodney & Peggy Smith, 2006-Dennis Roberts, 2005-Mark Stanfield, 2004-P. W. McCallum, 2003-Melva Stanfield, 2002-Jerry Pittman, 2001-Ted Ware, 2000-Cecelia Cunningham Box, 1999-Ken Johnson, 1998-Bernice Hatcher, 1997-Gary Blagg, 1996-Kathee Livengood, 1995-Phil Parker, 1994-Ted Willhoite, 1993-Drs. Ed & Minnie Lee Lancaster, 1992-Bob Burrus, 1991-Clydene Johnson, 1990-Jack Dortch, 1989-Roy Stewart, 1988-Don Armstrong, 1987-Marion Brekken, 1986-Jim Hancock, 1985-Sharon Taylor, 1984-Lynn Eggers, 1983-Riney Jordan, 1982-Sue Franks, 1981-Mike Davis, 1980-Aulton Mullendore, 1979-Doil Dalton, 1978-Jake Greener, 1977-E. A. Preacher Florence, 1976-William D. Tate, 1975-Mr. And Mrs. Bill Yancey, 1974-Pat Stinson, 1973-Dr. Don Gerschick, 1972-Madeline Hemley, 1971-Bill Powers, 1970-Mrs. Tip Johnson, 1969-Bill Reed, 1968-Dr. O. C. “Mike” Taylor, 1967-J. R. “Jim” Armstrong, 1964-Dr. Ira E. Woods, 1958-Joe Clark, 1957-D. E. Box

Business Hall of Fame

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Members of the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce Business Hall of Fame are longtime area businesses that have made outstanding contributions, not only to the Grapevine Chamber but to the community as well.

2022 – Wise Guys Pizzeria

2022 Nominees: Chez Fabien – Main Street Bistro, Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages, Community Impact News, GRACE, Grapevine Golf Cars, Weinberger’s Deli, Wise Guys Pizzeria
Prior Winners:
2021- Sewell Dealerships, 2020 – Wright Construction, 2019 – Sloan & Williams Winery, 2018 – Mac’s on Main, 2017 – Lucas Funeral Homes, 2016 – Grapevine Mills, 2015 – Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center, 2014 – Classic Chevrolet/The Thompson Group, 2013 – NJ Graphic Design, Inc., 2012 – Panda Embroidery, 2011 – Esparza’s Restaurante Mexicano, 2010 – Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, 2009-Baylor Regional Medical Center at Grapevine, 2008/09-Fox Rental, 2008-Hilton DFW Lakes Executive Conference Center, 2007-Bank of the West, 2006-Stacy Furniture, 2005-Structures and Interiors, Inc., 2004-Jon Michael Franks, Attorney, 2003-Wright Development Co., Inc., 2002-Lifetime Benefits Insurance, 2001-Southern Refractories, Inc., 2000-Box Insurance Agency, 1999-Dennis Electric, 1998-Mike Davis Insurance Agency, 1997-Payton-Wright Ford, 1996-Roy Stewart Properties, 1995-Classic Chevrolet, 1994-Grapevine Truck Leasing, 1993-Super Shuttle DFW, 1992-Blagg Tire & Service, 1991-Guest Furniture, 1990-The Grapevine Sun, 1989-Willhoite’s Restaurant, 1988-Burrus Supermarket, 1987-Mesco Metal Buildings, 1986-American Bank of Commerce, 1985-Off Main Street Gallery, 1984-Jack Dortch Insurance, 1983-First National Bank of Grapevine

Member of the Year

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The Grapevine Chamber of Commerce Member of the Year is a business that has exhibited outstanding contributions to the Grapevine Chamber, City of Grapevine and civic organizations during the past year.

2022- Community Impact Newspaper

2022 Nominees: Community Impact News, Chez Fabien – Main Street Bistro, Shirley Roberts, Travelin’ Tom’s Coffee Truck, Weinberger’s Deli
Prior Winners:
2021- Devin Designs Flowers, 2020 – Baylor Medical Center of Grapevine, 2019 – Grapevine Mills, 2018 – Esparza’s Restaurante Mexicano, 2017 – John Mayfield and Willhoite’s, 2016 Wise Guys Pizzeria, 2015 – Frost, 2014 – GRACE, 2013 – Panda Embroidery, 2012 – Allied Waste/Republic Waste Services, 2011 – Blagg Tire & Service, 2010 – Grapevine-Colleyville ISD, 2009-Classic Chevrolet/The Thompson Group, 2008/09-Verizon, 2008-Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, 2007-Classic Chevrolet Hummer, 2006-Bank of the West, 2005-Paradise Cove at Lake Grapevine, Inc., 2004-Integrated Digital Solutions, 2003-Structures and Interiors, Inc., 2002-Stacy Furniture and Berkey’s Heating Plumbing and Air Conditioning 

Don Ramey Community Spirit Award

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The Don Ramey Community Spirit Award is given to an individual that, over a period of time, has contributed outstanding leadership and devotion to the Grapevine community.

2022- Shonda Schaefer

2022 Nominees: Grapevine Ambucs, Kylan Hoss, Fenil Punnoose, Shonda Schaefer,
Dan Weinberger
Prior Winners:
2021- Perry Leonard, 2020 – Julia Sizemore, 2019 – Steve Haley, 2018 – Grapevine Fire Department, 2017 –  Eddie Salame, 2016 – Bruno Rumbelow, 2015 – Dennis Luers, 2014 – Duff O’Dell, 2013 – Theresa Mason, 2012 – Chris Reyher, 2011 – Shelley Ruddick, 2010 – Rocky Gribble, 2009-Dennis Slechta, 2008/09-Pam & Lee Roy McCain, 2008-Edith Pewitt, 2007-Gayle Hall, 2006-Katheee Livengood, 2005-Izak Gregory, 2004-Don Bigbie, 2003-Martin Thompson, 2002-P. W. McCallum, 2001-Bill and Kathrine Brink, 2000-Bill Powers

Ted Willhoite Legacy Award

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The Ted Willhoite Legacy Award recognizes an individual that has a lasting personal contribution and an enduring legacy making the community of Grapevine a better place to live.  This award recognizes distinguished individuals who are champions of responsible change, who possess a pioneering spirit or demonstrates inventiveness to inspire and educate others.

2022- Darlene & David Freed

2022 Nominees: Darlene & David Freed, Paul Robert Gray, Balla Wright / The Wright Family
Prior Winners:
2021- Lucas Family, 2020 – Wanda & Gary Blagg, 2019 – Gary & Cynthia Blankenship, 2018 – William D. Tate, 2017 – Curtis & Linda Orillion Ratliff and Jan Smith Luers, 2016 – Jon Michael & Sue Franks, 2015 – Rick Stacy & Ron Stacy, 2014 – Lou Hillman, 2013 – Shane Wilbanks, 2012 – Tricia Wood, 2011 – Janice Kane, 2010 – Phil Parker, 2009-Roy Stewart, 2008/09-Clydene Johnson, 2008-Ted and Gloria Ware, 2007-Harland and Inez Jewett, 2006-Mary Virginia Simmons, 2005-Dr. Ed Lancaster, 2004-Ted Willhoite (posthumous)

Women’s Division Woman of the Year

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This prestigious honor recognizes a woman who has distinguished herself through outstanding involvement benefiting the community of Grapevine. The nomination may recognize service from any past years.

2022- Traci Coy

2022 Nominees: Cass Clements, Traci Coy, Kim Deras, Casey Maxfield, Tara Robbins,
Jennifer Stubbeman
Prior Winners:
2021- Kindal Wright Kreamer, 2020 – Susie Howell, 2019 – Amanda Calongne, 2018 – Jan Smith Luers, 2017 – Marci Mayer Junge, 2016 – Dottie DiiBon, 2015 – Pam Price, 2014 – Carolyn Lease, 2013 – Idell Bowker, 2012 – Paula Wilbanks, 2011 – Helen Jean Lucas Reed, 2010 – Shelley Ruddick, 2009 – Jane Chevier, 2008 – LuAnn Gatts, 2007 – Wanda Blagg, 2006 – Balla Wright, 2005 – Linda Troeger, 2004 – Kathy DeMaggio, 2003 – Linda Mills, 2002 – Edith Pewitt, 2001 – Cindy Barnes, 2000 – Sarah Cloud, 1999 – Gayle Hall, 1998 – Melva Stanfield, 1997 – Joan Stewart, 1996 – Peggy Smith, 1995 – Juneria Berges, 1994 – Neva Frymire, 1993 – Sue Franks, 1992 – Duff O’Dell, 1991 – Lynn Eggers, 1990 – Marion Brekken, 1989 – Mary Virgina Simmons, 1988 – Suz-Ann Moore, 1987 – Linda Oliver, 1986 – Kathee Livingood, 1985 – Jerre Harrell, 1984 – Jodi Mauldin, 1983 – Clydene Johnson, 1982 – Starr Frank, 1981 – Pat Stinson, 1980 – Sharon Taylor, 1979 – Suellen Hall, 1978 – Chisai Childs Lindsey, 1977 – Norma Henderson, 1976 – Alberta Nettleton, 1975 – Zena Oxford

Chairman’s Award 

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The Chairman’s award winner is about recognizing an individual and business that has served the chamber in a multitude of ways.

2022- Kosse Maykus, Maykus Homes & Neighborhoods

2021- LeAnn Brown, Silver Oak Commercial Realty; 2020 – Klint Guerry, Sewell BMW; 2019 – Joan Rawson, Impact Signs & Graphics; 2018 –  Chamber Staff;  2017 –  Paul Slechta, Panda Embroidery; 2016 –  Steve Brown, Esparza’s; 2015 – i5 web works; Bob’s Steak & Chop House, Joe Luccioni, Jaydan Thompson; 2014 –  Debbie Gill, Keller Williams; Walt Mills, Photos by Walt; 2013 – Ed Cox, Chicago Title; 2012 – NJ Graphic Design, Inc.

Ambassador of the Year Award 

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This award is received based on the number of Ambassador points earned during the year.

2022- Cass Clements

2022 Nominees: Cass Clements, Cindy Martinez, Fenil Punnoose
Prior Winners:
2021- Cindy Martinez, 2020 – Carmen Drew, 2019 – Linda Broom, 2018 – Shirley Roberts, 2017 – Bruce Whitlock, 2016 – Linda Broom

Rising Star Award 

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Awarded to an emerging leader or individual or business who has been a member for two years and already making an impact. It is to be presented to recognize their actions and activities that
consistently exemplify enthusiasm, commitment, professionalism and leadership. Their contribution to the future of the Chamber and community is evident even in the short time they’ve been a part of this organization and they encourage others to become involved through their example.

2022- Garin Giacomarro

2022 Nominees: Kristina Davis, Paul Duane, Garin Giacomarro, John Paul Grafa,
Jennifer Stubbeman
Prior Winners:
2021- Christina Cates, 2020 – Kindal Wright Kreamer, 2019 – Theresa Mason

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